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Common Causes of a Dead Car Battery

Common Causes of a Dead Car BatteryThe battery in your car is what provides the electrical power necessary to get the motor up and running. It also allows you to use the radio, power windows and other electronic accessories without running the engine. A dead battery can be extremely frustrating, but in most cases a quick jump start will have you on your way. However, if the battery dies time after time, you'll want to figure out the root cause. Here are the most common reasons a car will suffer a dead battery.

Leaving Lights On/Playing Radio

In many cases a dead battery is caused by using the headlights or playing the radio for an extended period of time while the car's engine is off. This will drain the batteries power as the alternator is not operating, which is what keeps the battery charged. If your battery dies due to a reason such as this it will be recharged after you jumpstart the car.

Door Ajar

A similar reason that a battery may die is if a door is left open unintentionally. Many cars have interior lights that will stay on if a door is opened. After a period of time this light will drain the battery.

Stuck Relay

Electrical systems utilize relay switches which are like on/off switches. If a relay becomes stuck in the on position it will continue to draw battery power, even when the engine is off. This issue can also damage the part that the relay operates.

Bad Alternator

The alternator is what recharges the battery by converting the motion of the engine into electrical power. If the alternator begins to fail you will likely experience trouble operating power options with your vehicle, notice dim or flickering headlights and experience hard starting. Many electrical failures or problems can be attributed to a failed alternator.

End of Battery Life

A car battery doesn't have an infinite life. Just like the batteries in your smoke alarm or TV, it needs to be changed from time to time. If the battery seems to not recharge after jumpstarts, its probably time for a new one. Many car batteries last between two and five years.

If you are experiencing chronic car battery issues head Lindbergh Automotive for professional car battery replacement in Atlanta. We can diagnose the electrical problem, letting you now the root cause and conduct any necessary auto repair to ensure your vehicle remains reliable. Give us a call at (404) 369-2348 to request an appointment for expert auto repair in Atlanta today.

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