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4 Reasons to Establish a Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Plan

4 Reasons to Establish a Fleet Vehicle Maintenance PlanAs a business owner you already have a lot on your plate. Adding vehicle maintenance on top of it is no doubt going to be add to the mayhem. Whether you've been relying on vehicles for years to run your operation or if you just recently acquired a fleet, it is very important to remember that all cars, trucks and vans, whether for business or pleasure, require routine maintenance. As your fleet vehicles rack up the miles it can be easy to forget about these needs. For this reason it is a great idea to establish a fleet vehicle maintenance plan, so no necessary service goes incomplete.

Keep up with scheduled maintenance

Obviously the most important reason to establish a fleet maintenance plan is to ensure that your vehicles don't miss out on important services such as 30/60/90K maintenance, oil changes, fluid flushes or timing belt replacements. By performing routine maintenance you keep your vehicle running right, helping to keep fuel costs down.

Avoid high repair costs

Another way you'll save money by incorporating a fleet vehicle maintenance plan into your business is by helping to prevent expensive repairs caused by insufficient maintenance or high mileage. Repairs are always going to cost much more than the maintenance, but if you don't complete maintenance, you'll soon be facing breakdowns and trips to the local auto repair shop.

Establish a problem lookout plan

Another part of the fleet maintenance program is talking with drivers about how to identify potential issues. Problems can show themselves through many different types of symptoms, such as sounds, vibrations, visual queues or smells. A fleet vehicle maintenance program will teach drivers to take note of anything that raises suspicion.

Never miss a delivery or appointment

Of course the most important reason combines all of the above. You run a business and you want to keep it running smooth by staying on time with your schedule. A breakdown can completely ruin a day full of service or deliveries.

Keep your business on the road with a fleet vehicle maintenance program. For fleet vehicle maintenance in Atlanta reach out to the team at Lindbergh Automotive. Our auto repair team will gladly help keep your company up and running! Give us a call at (404) 369-2348 to schedule any form of auto repair in Atlanta for personal or commercial vehicles.

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