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Why is the Check Engine Light On?

Why is the Check Engine Light On?So, the check engine light has come on and it is now staring you down every time you get in your car. With each mile you put on the car the problem the light is trying to tell you about is getting worse and worse, resulting in a need for more extensive and costly auto repairs. You should never put off getting check engine light issues diagnosed by a professional auto mechanic if you want to avoid unnecessary repairs. So what causes the light to come on? Here are four common check engine light triggers.

Cylinder Misfire

If you car's engine misfires the check engine light will turn on, but you'll probably know something is amiss by the way your car runs and drives. Symptoms of misfiring include a stuttering or hard to start engine, poor acceleration and rough idle. The actual problem could be related to a vacuum leak, bad spark plugs, ignition coil issues or something that requires major repair like a crack in the cylinder head.

Failed Mass Air Flow Sensor

Your car runs on a mix of oxygen and gasoline and the mass air flow sensor monitors incoming air and calculates how much gas it needs to be mixed with to ensure the motor runs properly. If the MAF sensor malfunctions the light will glow because of the issues it will cause. This is usually an inexpensive, but important fix. If your MAF sensor goes bad it can result in a fuel efficiency to drop of up to 25 percent.

Faulty Ignition Coil

The ignition coil creates the spark necessary to get your vehicle's engine started. It is subject to harsh wear and tear as the miles add up. If the car's ignition coil is going bad the light will often be triggered due to hard starting.

Broken or Loose Gas Cap

One of the most inexpensive issues you can hope for if the light is on is a loose or broken gas cap. If your car's gas cap is cracked or not properly fitting gas can evaporate out the filler hose, which will be detected by a sensor that will trigger the light. To avoid a trip to the auto shop for a fix that costs next to nothing always be sure your gas cap is tight every time you pump.

If your vehicle's check engine light has come on be sure to head to the auto shop before the existing problem turns into a much more expensive issue, such as a failed catalytic converter. For professional check engine light repair in Atlanta visit Lindbergh Automotive. Our team of superior auto repair technicians look forward to helping you get your car fixed right. Give Lindbergh Automotive a call at (404) 369-2348 to request an appointment for expert auto repair in Atlanta at the first sign of trouble.

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