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Is it Time for New Spark Plugs?

Is it Time for New Spark Plugs?For such a small part, the spark plugs sure have a big job. During their lifetime a spark plug may fire as many 100 million times, igniting the air and fuel mix in the engine to drive the piston into the power stroke. After so many sparks the plugs will surely be worn, requiring the plugs to be replaced. This is generally necessary around every 30,000 mile mark, give or take, based on the vehicle and the type of plugs it uses. If you encounter any of the following issues, it could very well be time for new spark plugs.


Misfiring is the name given to what happens when the spark plug doesn't ignite the air-fuel mixture at all. This is common due to worn, cracked or corroded spark plugs.

Hard Starts

Many things can cause hard starting, aging spark plugs being a biggie. This is because extra fuel is often needed for starting, which can be hard for a worn spark plug to ignite.

Rough Idle

Does it sound like your car is struggling to run? This could be due to one or more spark plugs being unable to ignite the mixture in their combustion chamber.


If it seems that your vehicle does not respond immediately when you hit the gas pedal, it may be due to spark plugs having a hard time igniting excess fuel required for acceleration.

Slow Acceleration

Similarly, if your vehicle is having a hard time getting up to speed, it is likely the spark plugs need to be replaced.

Poor Fuel Economy

If there is poor combustion caused by aged spark plugs, the engine control module (ECM) will compensate by sending additional fuel, since it has no control over oxygen.

Check Engine Light

Many things can cause the check engine light to come on, one of them being spark plugs that are unable to properly do their job. It is important to visit your local auto shop as soon as this light comes on to ensure whatever the problem is, doesn't get worse.

At Lindbergh Automotive we are happy to replace spark plugs for any car or truck at our Atlanta auto repair shop. Our team of talented auto repair technicians can quickly diagnose the issues you're experiencing, ensuring the proper fix is completed. To schedule superior auto repair in Atlanta give us a call at (404) 369-2348 today.

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