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Is it Time for Suspension Repair?

Is it Time for Suspension Repair?When you think about the suspension system in your vehicle, what comes to mind? Many folks are quick to align it with comfort. While ride comfort is one responsibility of the suspension it isn't the only task it has. The suspension also plays a role in the safety of your ride. A few of the most important safety aspects addressed by the suspension include keeping all four wheels on the ground at all times which ensures adequate braking power when needed. Additionally, the suspension prevents your vehicle from rolling over while going around a corner. To ensure your car remains safe and comfy be sure to visit an auto shop if you notice any of these signs of suspension problems.

One corner is low

If it appears that one corner of your vehicle is low but the tire in that corner is not flat then it is probable the suspension components have failed and collapsed onto themselves. This is an issue that can cause your car or truck to drift to one side and cause excessive tire wear and uneven tire wear, so get to the shop ASAP.

Grease on struts

If your car's ride is a bit more bumpy than you're used to run a rag along your vehicle's struts to see if they are leaking grease or oil. Hydraulic struts use a special fluid that absorbs the bumps in the road. Should the shock's casing crack or if a seal breaks this oil will leak out, resulting in suspension components that are unable to perform as designed.

Rolling sensation

Has it ever felt as if your vehicle was going to tip over as you went around a corner? This is incredibly unsafe sign of trouble that needs addressed immediately. The anti-sway bar is a part of the suspension that is responsible for shifting the weight of your car as you corner to prevent rollovers. If it is unable to do its job your vehicle is at far greater risk of toppling over while cornering.

Excessive bouncing

There is a way to test your suspension's health. Push on the hood or trunk of your car to get it to start bouncing up and down. Once you stop pushing the car should return to a stable position within three to four bounce rotations. Any more than that and you'll want to visit an auto repair shop for suspension services.

The suspension system is critical to the safety and comfort of your commute, so do not hesitate to have it repaired if it is not doing its job. To schedule professional suspension repair in Atlanta head to Lindbergh Automotive. Our auto repair experts will ensure your car drives great when it leaves our shop. Give us a call at (404) 369-2348 to request quality auto repair in Atlanta for any make or model.

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