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Top Signs it is Time for Auto Repair

Top Signs it is Time for Auto RepairCars and trucks have numerous ways of communicating issues to their drivers. When you are behind the wheel it is important to pay attention to any possible signs of trouble so that you can make your way to an auto repair shop before you end up stuck on the side of the road. The following are six of the most common ways that a car will show that there is trouble on board as you cruise down the road.

Strange Noises

Many car problems will result in a strange noise being created. Two of the more well-known issues that can be diagnosed by sound are low brake pads, which create a screeching noise when you try and slow you car, and low transmission fluid, which will cause a grinding noise during shifting.


If your car ever shakes, shimmies or vibrates as you motor along, it is important that you visit an auto shop right away. Common troubles that can cause vibrations include an exhaust leak, which can result in a vibrating gas pedal, or an alignment issue, which can cause the steering wheel to shake back and forth.

Weird Smells

Odd odors that come from your car need to be addressed by a professional auto repair technician, especially if you smell gas or oil.


Your vehicle utilizes a number of fluids to operate. If you spot anything dripping from your car be sure to visit the local auto shop right away, or else you could end up with much bigger issues.

Decreased Performance

Has your car recently suffered a drop in fuel economy? Is it having trouble getting up to speed, starting or staying running? These are all strong clues that a trip to the shop should be scheduled.

Dashboard Indicator Light

If any dashboard indicator light, such as the check engine light or ABS light, illuminates, you'll need to have diagnostics conducted to find out exactly what is wrong.

When car trouble strikes, get to the shop as soon as possible, or else it will get worse. To schedule expert auto repair in Atlanta contact Lindbergh Automotive. We offer auto repair for all foreign and domestic cars, trucks and SUVs. To request an appointment at our Atlanta car repair shop give us a call at (404) 369-2348 today.

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