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3 Symptoms of Power Steering Failure

3 Symptoms of Power Steering FailurePower steering is a great feature on all modern automobiles. It uses hydraulic force, and in some cases electric motors, to make turning a vehicle extremely easy, especially at low speeds. If you experience issues with the power steering system it can cause safety problems as you won't be able have the same control of your vehicle. These are the three top signs of power steering failure that will warrant a trip to the auto repair shop.

Steering Wheel Vibration

Many power steering systems use a drive belt that can be cracked and worn out. If this happens it can cause the steering wheel to vibrate ferociously back and forth. Many times though a large crack in the belt is what causes the problem and it will only happen at a certain turning point. To determine if you're experiencing drive belt issues put the car in park with the motor running and slowly turn the steering wheel from one extreme to the other. If a vibration occurs in only one spot you're more than likely going to have to get a new drive belt due to a crack.

Difficulty Turning the Steering Wheel

One of the most common signs of power steering failure is a hard to turn steering wheel. This can be caused by a leak or general lack of power steering fluid. Problems in the mechanics of the system, such as a worn pump, can also be at fault. However this problem could be a symptom of a wheel alignment issues or simply low tire pressure, so it is always a good idea to have a professional mechanic diagnose the actual problem.

Whining Noise

If you experience a whining noise as you turn the wheel be sure to check the power steering fluid reservoir to ensure it is full. A failing power steering pump will createthis noise as you turn but it is generally due to a lack of fluid. Of course the pump may have actually quit working mechanically as well, meaning it can no longer push fluid through the system. This is a serious malfunction that requires immediate attention.

Power steering problems should be taken care of right away, as they will only get worse and it could eventually cause suspension and tire issues as well. If you need power steering repair in Atlanta visit the crew at Lindbergh Automotive. We offer full service auto repair for all makes and models. When you need auto repair in Atlanta give our team a call at (404) 369-2348 to schedule an appointment.

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