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What's Wrong with my Car's Air Conditioner?

What's Wrong with my Car's Air Conditioner?With winter working its way toward spring it is time to check out your car's AC system to ensure it is in proper working order before getting caught in the Southern heat. There are several issues that can keep the air from blowing cold, including refrigerant leaks, dirt and grime build up or mechanical failure of its critical parts. Don't get stuck without AC this coming spring or summer. As soon as you realize your car's AC isn't working head to an auto shop to ensure a comfortable commute all year long.

Perhaps the most common reason for air conditioning failure is an refrigerant liquid leak. If this is indeed the problem it can be quite hard to detect. The special refrigerant used in vehicle AC systems will evaporate when it comes into contact with air, so the mechanic must introduce an ultraviolet fluid into the system in order to to determine if there is in fact a leak a leak or not and where it might be at. This test will likely be performed if it is found that the AC system is experiencing low pressure levels.

While a leak is the common cause of insufficient cool air there are several other things that could cause this problem. These include issues as simple as a blown fuse or something more complicated, like a cracked or loose drive belt or a dirty expansion valve. However a slipping compressor clutch is also a common problem that can also cause a decrease of cold air flow. To quickly get to the root cause of the problem let your local auto shop tackle the trouble.

It's important to take note of when you experience problems, and that goes for any issue you may have with your car. In regard to AC problems, if you only don't get cold air while idling there is a chance that the electric fan motor is not working. Some vehicles have two of these fans, one for the air conditioning condenser and another which assists the cooling system. In places where hot weather is frequent all year, such as in the south, it is imperative that both of these fans are properly working so that your engine keeps cool, along with yourself and your passengers!

Don't get caught in a hot car this spring! If you need vehicle air conditioner repair in Atlanta visit Lindbergh Automotive. Our team of auto repair experts will ensure you have a comfortable ride! Give us a call at (404) 369-2348 anytime you need professional auto repair in Atlanta or the surrounding communities.

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