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Why is the Check Engine Light On? 5 Common Reasons

Why is the Check Engine Light On? 5 Common ReasonsWhen the check engine light comes on many drivers can feel their stomach sink. There is an immediate assumption that it is going to cost big bucks to get the car back on the road. But truth be told, many check engine light issues are relatively minor, as long as they are addressed in a timely manner. It is important that you don't ignore the check engine light, as those small problems will grow worse, and much more expensive to fix, as demonstrated by this first common reason.

Catalytic Converter

If it is found that your car's catalytic converter has malfunctioned while running check engine light diagnostics it probably means that light has been on for some time. The burning of excessive fuel or some other issue can cause problems for the part, which is designed to convert harmful exhaust fumes into less hazardous emissions. It can be expensive to replace, but as long as you take care of problems as soon as they come up, you shouldn't have to worry about it.

MAF Sensor

The mass airflow sensor is located in the front of the car and measures incoming air to determine how much fuel needs to be calculated with it for a proper running engine. It if fails too much fuel could be burnt, which can impact the health of the engine and the catalytic converter.

O2 Sensor

The oxygen sensor is similar to the MAF sensor, but it measures oxygen in the exhaust fumes. It it detects too much oxygen, which can occur due to an exhaust leak, it will cause your car to burn too much gasoline, thus dropping your fuel efficiency.


If your car starts to misfire, which can occur due to failed ignition coils, corroded spark plugs, or other issues, the check engine light will come on. Misfiring is an obvious issue, as your vehicle's engine will be running very poor.

Loose Gas Cap

If you leave the gas cap off, or even loose, after filling up, it can allow fuel vapors to escape out of the filler hose. This will be detected by the EVAP system, which in turn will illuminate the check engine light.

If your car's check engine light has come on be sure to get to the repair shop as soon as possible. For expert check engine light repair in Atlanta bring your car to Lindbergh Automotive. Our professional auto repair technicians will have your car running like new in no time. Give us a call at (404) 369-2348 to schedule superior auto repair in Atlanta today.

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